IDERI note 3.1 release

IDERI note 3.1 is out now!


The newest release of IDERI note features the following innovations:

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IDERI note 3.0 Release

With the lates release of IDERI note Version 3.0 we implemented some exciting and long awaited features.

New features:

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Multiple server connections with IDERI note and clientlaunch.exe

Since IDERI note version 2.11 the IDERI note Client is started by the new clientlaunch.exe which derives its start parameters from a central value in the registry. This value is called “DefaultCommandLine” and located in the inotecln key in registry.

As there are scenarios where a computer has to start multiple IDERI note Client instances to connect to different servers this was done before with this (link) method. But today i want to show you how you can realize this behavior using the clientlaunch.exe.

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Send recurring messages with IDERI note

Eventhough IDERI note does not offer a timer to automatically resend messages at a certain time, this can be done with simple windows tools.


Let’s assume that every day at 5 o’clock we perform a restart of our servers. But since we have a small field office abroad, as well as some nocturnal employees or even colleagues working night shift in the company, who access some of the servers, we want to inform them now briefly with IDERI note about the upcoming restart of the server.

For the implementation, you only need a computer that is still running at this time, so preferably a Windows server, as well as the IDERI note Commandline Tools.

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