Multiple computer names with Windows (optional names)

In this blog post we explain how to configure multiple names for a MS Windows server. “This works from Windows Server 2003”.

For this example we use a windows server 2012R2.

The server goes by the name ID-DC01 and should also be given the name IDERINOTE.

For this we first have to create the following registry keys on our server ID-DC01:Registry Optional Names





 In the registry key “OptionalNames” several additional names can be defined among each other:

Optional Names

After setting the registry keys, the server must be restarted.

In order for the server to be found in the network via the new name, a DNS alias must also be created in DNS manager of the domain:

create DNS alias...

DNS Alias anlegen…

If you run into problems accessing the server with the new alias, this may be because an old machine with the name of the new alias was already existing and there are still old wins entries or even computer accounts in Active Directory present. After deleting these entries and a successful replication of Active Directory everything should now work as expected. The server ID-DC01 can now also be accessed via the name IDERINOTE.



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