Every now and then the directory of a software still exists in e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\ after uninstallation. So how can you delete this most effectively?

To remove directories the command “RemoveDir” is available. However, you must make shure that the target directory is actually empty.

Therefore, please note that the target directory should be completely cleared by a “Delete”. Again, you have to be careful because the “Delete” command by default is not flagged. Do this by manually flagging the command from “Computer Related” to “Service Executed”. Otherwise, all files will remain in the directory, because a standard user in %ProgramFilesDir% usually has no write permissions. In addition, a little tip: Use the DSM variable %ProgramFilesDir% as an alias for “C:\Program Files (x86)\”. This will avoid unnecessary complications.

The script than should look like this (example):

Delete %ProgramFilesDir%\WinRAR\*.*
RemoveDir %ProgramFilesDir%\WinRAR

With this all files in the target directory are generally deleted and removed by “RemoveDir” properly.

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