Targeted employee protection in case of danger? Terror, violence, attacks, ransomware attacks unfortunately are no longer a rarity

With IDERI note, you protect your logged-in users in a targeted, timely manner and, above all, at the time of event validity. The message can be displayed via a simple popup or via a ticker directly on the user’s desktop. Pre-defined messages can be sent immediately with a push of a button in dangerous situations.

Of course, you can also use IDERI note <! – more -> as a general information system e.g. for cases of maintenance, system outages and more. This will reduce the internal e-mail flood and ensure that only the currently logged in users are aware of the current events. Users who are on vacation, sick, working shifts or maternity protection are not confronted with unnecessary emails. The IT department will be relieved as far as possible and the milestone for the essentials has been set.

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